Casino bonus programs

Online casino bonuses

Are very important marketing tools that all online casinos resort to, to try to increase their overall turnover and their share of the market.

These incentives to play should also be an advantage for all those who acquire them as they should increase their chances of earning significant cash winnings.

We now try to give a classification of the bonuses that are in circulation and to understand which incentives to play are really cheap and on which platforms for online gambling you have to acquire them.

Bonuses with deposit and bonuses without deposit

At the moment, there are two categories of bonuses in circulation in the various online casinos: bonuses without deposit and those with deposits. The no deposit bonuses are incentives offered to users, so that they can register on their site by registering a game account.

During the execution of the registration operation, the user must enter a bonus code in the form, in order to obtain a credit of a sum that, usually, is between 5 and 30 euros.

The bonuses with deposit are incentives that are assigned only in favor of the registered user who makes, on the game account of the chosen platform, a minimum recharge according to the “conditions and terms” set by the current promotion.

Usually, the percentage that is applied to the sum paid by the player varies from a minimum of 50% up to a maximum of 100%. Some players who do not know anything about the online gambling world wonder if you need to trust those online casinos that offer figures that are too disproportionate. We, the answer, we will try to give it in the next paragraph.

The best bonuses in Curacao license Online Casinos

Many players often prefer casinos with, due to a welcome bonus that turns out to be very tempting, but which turns into a real scam.

This is because the conditions that are posed are very difficult to meet, almost always impossible. In fact, the companies that offer this type of incentives require the fulfillment of wagering requirements too expensive and that can never be achieved by the player, as it will never be able to unlock the winnings achieved by losing the sum paid into your gaming account.

The advice that we would like to give both to those who are beginners and experienced players is to choose only casinos with the logo of the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, the Curacao license, the only ones to guarantee the possibility of acquiring bonuses to use to increase your chances of winning.

Payouts are very high and, according to the rules on online gambling, they can not take a percentage that goes below 90%. Therefore winnings are very frequent and can be demonstrated by virtue of a principle of transparency that Curacao license intends to enforce by all gambling companies to protect the interests of the players.