Most of the virtual casinos are aimed at residents of Western Europe, America and Australia.

This applies mainly to currencies, cash flows and the language version.

We are given the opportunity to see this in the example of NetGame Casino, whose review you are currently reading.

A bit of history

This casino is represented by NetGame, registered in the Antilles, which also has a license. Owners of the company are natives of UK. The main direction of the company, this software is online games and casinos.

Casino NetGame is based on three gaming platforms from famous developers. It supports the status of an honest casino, provides programs to protect excessively fanatical players, programs to block games for minors.

We must always remember that gambling is primarily an entertaining process, and not a stable income. Games are based on randomness, the formula for success does not exist. Casino NetGame provides full security of your personal data, the degree of protection is high.

Visual representation of the casino

The main page is an emerald color field, on which bright animated pictures are allocated slots. In the upper right corner, next to the name, stands out the emblem of the casino in the form of red dice. In the same row is the registration, entry and online help line.

Below is the menu on payment methods, checkout, bonuses, winners and contact details of the casino. Below there are options for downloading the game platforms that support the casino NetGame, the amounts indicated when you win Jack Pot, tops of the best games, options for information on the winners.

Check in

Registration is information about your phone or e-mail address, then about your country of residence, password, currency code designation. This function is very convenient, because do not need to invent a new password and login.

After registration we rush headlong into waves of gambling! The highlight of the casino is that you can download games even with minimal Internet! This means that anywhere in the world you can play with us. The player makes a choice of any of the above platforms. Then the choice of the game, which is offered a lot.

Themes for slots are very organic: marine, tropical, ancient Egyptian, fantastic, humorous, theme of jewelry, even, the theme of love. Choose for every taste!

For an example, we suggest watching several very popular games:

– Bananas (fruit themes);

– Pearl (theme of treasure);

– Pharaoh (theme of Ancient Egypt);

– Sharks (theme of the ocean).

Casino Bonuses

Here are a few basic:

– Prize Greeting (shareholding), valid for six months, winnings up to 3000 euro;

– bonus without deposit, training;

– bonus in the form of return of ten percent from the deposited deposit;

– a special bonus for regular customers (with an account refill of $ 30, once a month, a prize of up to $ 300).

Bonuses on days of the week:
– Tuesday, after eight in the evening, the opportunity to receive three hundred percent of the invested sum;

– Friday after eight, too, only four hundred percent of the amount paid;

– Saturday after eight, four hundred and fifty percent;

– a cascade of jokes, and many others.

Currency for game: dollar
Help to players
Help to players goes around the clock. Ways to help: live chat, hotline, letters to mail, service answers to the most popular questions in English.

Agree, after such a functional comfort from the casino, you will want to visit it again and again!

Use your chances, play with NetGame Casino!

NetGame Casino - by , September 13, 2018
4 / 5stars
Most of the virtual casinos are aimed at residents of Western Europe, America and Australia.